Notice of Introduction: Relocation of Parliament Bill (Private Members' Bill)

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Constitutional Review Committee

Mr. Julius Malema, MP, acting in accordance with section 73(2) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, intends to introduce the Relocation of Parliament Bill, 2022 (“Bill”), in the National Assembly of Parliament during the second quarter of 2022/2023.

An explanatory summary of the draft Bill is hereby published in accordance with Rule 276(1)(c) of the Rules of the National Assembly (9th Edition).

The draft Bill will provide for the relocation of the seat of Parliament to Tshwane, Gauteng.

Interested parties and institutions are invited to submit written representations on the proposed content of the draft Bill to the Speaker of the National Assembly at and copied to by no later than 27 June 2022.


Parliament's current location in Cape Town creates several problems for Members of Parliament, the Executive, government and officials from organs of state, and the broader society that wishes to participate in legislative and oversight functions performed by Parliament. Parliament is located in the farthest province from the majority of provinces, making it inaccessible to the majority of South Africans, including Members of Parliament who spend a significant amount of time traveling to and from Parliament. As a result, participation in parliamentary programs is limited to individuals and institutions with financial resources, excluding those unable to travel to Cape Town. As a result, Parliament and the government spend a lot of money on travel and lodging for Members of Parliament, the Executive, the government, and state officials in order to keep colonial agreements that separate administrative and legislative capital in two cities by racist colonisers who excluded the majority of black people and still does so today.

Government Gazette No. 46422, 27 May 2022