Railway Safety Bill

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The Portfolio Committee on Transport invites you to submit written comments on the Railway Safety Bill [B7-2021].

The bill seeks to: 
▪ provide for the regulation of railway safety in the Republic;
▪ provide for the continued existence of the Railway Safety Regulator;
▪ provide for the board and governance structures of the Railway Safety Regulator;
▪ provide for railway safety permits;
▪ provide for railway safety critical grades and safety management systems;
▪ provide for a national railway safety information and monitoring system;
▪ provide for a legal framework to enforce compliance with the Act and to deal with railway occurrences;
▪ provide for an appeal mechanism;
▪ provide for transitional arrangements and the repeal of the National Railway Safety Regulator Act, 2002;

Comments can be emailed to Ms Valerie Carelse at railwaysafetybill@parliament.gov.za by no later than Friday,18 February 2022.

Enquiries can be directed to Ms Valerie Carelse on cell 083 709 8445

Issued by Mr M J Zwane, MP, Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Transport

The Railway Safety Bill, 2021 (‘‘Bill’’), seeks to improve the regulatory framework regulating railway safety in the Republic of South Africa in order to improve the safety of passengers and freight. The Bill seeks to repeal the National Railway Safety Regulator Act, 2002 (Act No. 16 of 2002) (‘‘NRSR Act’’). The NRSR Act established the Railway Safety Regulator (‘‘RSR’’) to oversee and promote safe railway operations through appropriate support, monitoring and enforcement guided by an enabling regulatory framework. The NRSR Act has been in operation since 20 September 2002. The NRSR Act was last amended in 2009 and since then there have been major developments in the country such as a massive rolling stock investment programme and the introduction of the first standard gauge railway system in the country, all these developments were not anticipated during the amendment of the existing NRSR Act. The Bill also seeks to promote the use of rail as a preferred mode of transport that would also be able to positively contribute to the country’s economy. The Bill was first approved for public consultation in February 2018, and public consultation in all provinces were conducted in March 2018. Critical stakeholders, such as the National Economic, Development and Labour Council (‘‘NEDLAC’’) and Organised Labour were also consulted during this process. Inputs received during public consultations have been considered during the preparation of the Bill.

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