Economic Regulation of Transport Bill: additional amendments

Call for comments opened 16 December 2021 Share this page:

Submissions must be received by no later than 04 February 2022


The Portfolio Committee on Transport invites stakeholders and interested parties to submit written submissions on the proposed additional amendments to the Economic Regulation of Transport Bill.

Written submissions on the proposed amendments can be sent to the Portfolio Committee on Transport (Attention: Valerie Carelse) to by 12:00 on 4 February 2022

The Committee, after considering written submissions from stakeholders and after subsequent deliberations on the Bill, has decided to propose further amendments to the Bill to provide for the protection of personal information and the promotion of access to information, provisions that would allow for a phased-in approach of other regulating entities into the economic regulator, further amendments that allows the parliamentary committees responsible for Transport oversight to participate in the appointment of members of the council and amendments that are consequential in Schedule1 of the Bill amending the National Ports Act.


Issued by Mr M J Zwane, MP, Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Transport


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