Informal Trading By-Laws

Call for comments opened 13 March 2021 Share this page:

Submissions must be received by no later than 30 April 2021

Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

The City of Cape Town has published the Informal Trading By-Laws and is asking you to comment.

The City’s Informal Trading By-law was first promulgated on 20 November 2009, and reviewed on 6 December 2013. We intend to review the By-law again, and we would like to include you in the review process. It is currently an opportune time for a review, given, among other things:
▪ the excellent work that has been done in the country with regard to the informal economy, and
▪ the realities and lessons we have learnt during the Covid-19 pandemic.

All of the comments and suggestions we receive will be evaluated and a review report will be compiled and submitted to Council. Council will then make a recommendation on which comments and suggestions we will formally include in the process going forward.

Once a draft amendment by-law has been prepared, you will have an opportunity to provide further comments or suggestions.

In terms of section 17 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000, you are invited to submit comments or suggestions to the municipality.

Comments, inputs or recommendations may be submitted via the following channels: Submit your comments online by no later than Friday, 30 April 2021

can be to Area Economic Development (AED) Offices
Central (021) 400 3131
East (021) 417 4071
North (021) 400 5379
South (021) 400 2325