08 November 2021

From the Government Gazette and Media Statements (8 November 2021)




  • The Presidency has confirmed that agreement has been reached on an ‘historic partnership’ to support South Africa’s ‘just transition to a low carbon economy and a climate resilient society’. An ‘inclusive task force’ has been established to ‘enable’ several key processes, including:
    • ‘nationally determined efforts’ to ‘successfully and sustainably manage Eskom’s debt
    • define the role of the private sector, and
    • create an enabling environment through policy reform in the electricity sector’.




  • The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa has called for public comments on a discussion document exploring ‘the pro-competitive conditions imposed on relevant licensees in terms of the (2014) call termination regulations’.




  • The Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment has called for public comments on proposed changes to the 2011 list of terrestrial ecosystems either threatened or in need of protection.




  • National Treasury has issued a media statement explaining the thinking behind a revised set of draft amendments to the 1956 Pension Funds Act’s Regulation 28. The statement provides valuable insights into proposals for:
    • a new definition of ‘infrastructure’, and
    • a ‘restriction’ on retirement fund investments in crypto assets.




  • The Department of Employment and Labour has issued a media statement referring to an imminent ‘scan’ of ‘migration and transport legislation impacting negatively on South African drivers’. Among other things, the statement refers to concerns about:
    • the employment of undocumented foreign nationals, and
    • discrimination against local drivers.


  • The South African Maritime Safety Authority has called for public comments on three sets of draft regulations affecting merchant shipping and marine traffic. Once finalised, among other things they will have implications for:
    • ship construction
    • life-saving equipment, and
    • the procedures followed before a ship enters ‘internal waters other than a harbour or … fishing harbour’.


Prepared by Pam Saxby


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