06 June 2022

From the Government Gazette and Media Statements (6 June 2022)



  • The Social Assistance Amendment Act, 2020, is now in force, among other things:
    • establishing an independent tribunal to deal with internal appeals against decisions of the South African Social Security Agency, and
    • empowering the Minister to provide for:
      • additional payments linked to social grants
      • social relief of distress grants in times of disaster, and
      • grants to child-headed households.



  • National Treasury has issued a media statement explaining:
    • why the 2017 regulations will remain valid until 15 February 2023 (unless replacement regulations released in draft form in March for comment have already been finalised and operationalised), and that
    • from 30 May 2022:
      • all exemptions granted to deal with the period of uncertainty following the Constitutional Court’s 16 February 2022 judgment have lapsed (in accordance with a condition in the exemption letters)
      • ‘all new quotations must be requested and tenders must be advertised, and dealt with, in accordance with the 2017 regulations’
      • a quotation requested or a tender advertised before 30 May 2022 ‘must be dealt with in terms of the exemption and the internal procurement policy in place for the duration of the exemption’, and that
      • ‘an organ of state may, however, decide to withdraw such a request for a quotation or an advert for a tender and request a new quotation or advertise a new tender that will be subject to 2017 regulations’.



  • A joint media statement from National Treasury and the Department of Energy (explaining the process followed in deciding to extend the 150.0 c/l temporary reduction in the general fuel levy) was followed by:
    • a Government Gazette notice prescribing the new retail prices concerned, and
    • a Department of Mineral Resources and Energy media statement:
      • confirming the extension and outlining how this relief will be:
        • adjusted downwards on 7 July 2022 to 0.75 c/l, and
        • withdrawn on 3 August 2022.




Prepared by Pam Saxby


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