23 March 2021

From the Government Gazette and Media Statements (23 March 2021)


  • A ministerial directive gazetted on 19 March:
    • replaced sub-directions in the July 2020 health directive for handling and disposing of mortal remains, and
    • withdrew a sub-direction allowing people entering South Africa to apply for and be granted exemption from quarantine.


  • On 12 March, a national policy on support services at community education and training colleges was gazetted with the aim of:
    • introducing a standardised, structured approach relevant to the ‘contextual needs’ of students, and
    • guiding interventions for:
      • building the capacity of staff members
      • monitoring student attendance, punctuality and progress, and
      • providing support:
        • at college entry level
        • by way of learning, training and development
        • to promote wellness
        • for students with disabilities (including ‘reading, basic spelling, writing and mathematical disorder’)
        • by way of assistive technology
        • in the event of a disaster, and
        • when exiting college.



  • Department of Social Development proposals for introducing a basic income grant are expected to be finalised ‘in the coming financial year’, according to a media statement issued on 17 March. They will:
    • include financing and implementation options
    • form part of a ‘broader agenda’ for the ‘universal coverage of all citizens in a comprehensive and coherent social security system’, and
    • if approved by Cabinet will underpin the ‘necessary legislative processes’.



  • The phased, province-by-province analogue television transmitter switch-off announced last month in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address is now officially under way. It:
    • will move systematically from one analogue transmitter coverage area to another, beginning in Free State province and
    • is expected to be complete ‘by the end of March 2022’ in Gauteng.
  • Sentech will ‘assist’ with managing decoder installations, using locally recruited technicians.
  • Households:
    • with a combined monthly income of less than R3200 will receive government-subsidised set top boxes
    • not qualifying for a subsidised decoder will have two options:
      • either to purchase an integrated digital television with inbuilt decoding capability, or
      • to purchase a commercial satellite decoder.



  • The Antarctica and southern oceans strategy was gazetted on 19 March, providing ‘the basis for conceiving and generating an implementable action plan’ that is:
    • responsive to and aligned with the sustainable development goals of:
      • ‘climate action’
      • conserving marine resources, and
      • revitalising related global partnerships.


  • On 19 March, draft amendments to the November 2020 extended producer responsibility waste management regulations were gazetted for comment.




  • A recently published five-year national action plan on ‘women, peace and security’ includes several strategic objectives expected to be achieved this year, including:
    • establishing the necessary organisational structures, and
    • gender ‘reprioritisation’ in the security sector, focusing on:
      • aligning strategies with ‘contemporary realities’, and
      • ensuring that ‘all security sector institutions have functioning and resourced gender units’.


Prepared by Pam Saxby

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