19 April 2022

From the Government Gazette and Media Statements (19 April 2022)



  • The deadline for public comment on proposed amendments to the 2017 regulations on the surveillance and control of notifiable medical conditions has been extended. This is noting that, once in force, the amended regulations will provide (among other things) for the management of:
    • any resurgence of Covid-19, and
    • the outbreak of any future international pandemic.



  • Rules have been gazetted on:
    • the procedures to be followed when lodging and dealing with a complaint, and
    • certain governance-related matters.
  • According to a preamble to the rules, the ombud is willing to consider written representations from anyone aggrieved by the process followed in determining them.



  • The National Energy Regulator of South Africa has concurred with a ministerial determination on the procurement of new generation capacity by way of:
    • battery energy storage systems, and
    • solar photovoltaic cells.



  • Amendments have been gazetted to ICT sector-specific regulations on:
    • limitations of control and equity ownership by historically disadvantaged groups, and
    • the code’s application.



  • A 2022 strategy and implementation plan has been gazetted with the intention of:
    • attracting ‘mineral exploration investment’
    • ‘reigniting mineral development’
    • ‘accelerating new mineral discoveries’
    • ‘encouraging (the) optimal utilisation of .. South Africa(‘s) mineral resources, in line with … environmental, social and corporate governance principles for sustainable growth’, and
    • ‘propelling South Africa to a competitive position against other jurisdictions of comparable mineral endowment’.


Prepared by Pam Saxby


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