16 October 2022

Budgetary Review and Recommendations Reports (BRRRs) 2022


Budgetary Review and Recommendations Reports (BRRRs) are a critical part of Parliament’s engagement with the budget. In October of each year, Committees compile BRRRs for every government function.

2022 Budget Review & Recommendations Reports BRRR

In terms of Section 5 of the Money Bills Amendment Procedures and Related Matters Act No. 9 of 2009 the National Assembly, through its Committees, must annually compile BRRRs that assess the service delivery performance of departments given available resources. Committees are also expected to provide an assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Department’s use of available resources, and may include recommendations on the forward use of resources. In this regard, the BRRR is a source document for the Committees on Appropriations when considering and making recommendations in the Medium Term.

After the adoption by the NA, the BRRR is submitted to the Minister of Finance and relevant members of the Cabinet, prior to the adoption of the reports on the MTBPS. The Minister of Finance must provide responses to BRRRs in the February Budget Review. The Minister’s responses are important to allow the Committees and MPs to follow through on their BRRR resolutions.


BRRRs are very important tools for Parliament to influence the budget

BRRRs provide Parliament with an opportunity to determine the service delivery and economic development indicators improvements brought about by the budget

BRRRs must be informed by the analysis of all accountability documentation

Each BRRR should contain a short executive summary including the main findings and recommendations. The recommendations should, where relevant, be framed in such a way as to inform the Budget and Division of Revenue

All recommendations from the BRRRs should be consolidated for Appropriations Committee

The recommendations should not be generic, clearly indicate who it is directed at, and what action is expected, and should include realistic timeframes.

As part of their oversight role, Committees will monitor the implementation of recommendations outlined in the Report


Source: PBO (www.parliament.gov.za)

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