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That week in Parliament

03 February 2020

The Week Ahead: MPs get stuck into 2020

It's still early days but Parliament is slowly coming back to life after a lengthy summer break. The legislature has planned a broad programme this week after a low-key start. With no sittings scheduled in the main chambers, the Committee corridor...
13 December 2019

Review of Parliament 2019

“I can only hope that none of those to whom an oath of office will be administered would see that exercise as just one those inconvenient processes that one has to go through, itching to occupy an office rather than determined to internalise the...
02 December 2019

The Week Ahead: Parliament wraps up for 2019

It’s a week of farewells and loose ends… The constituency period beckons, with MPs due to depart at the end of the week and return to Parliament next year. But a fair amount of work will be done before they go and there is plenty of opportunity for...
25 November 2019

The Week Ahead: It's the penultimate week of the parliamentary year

In the remaining days, lawmakers are scheduled to have debates, pass the amended budget, vote on several Bills, scrutinise/question the Executive, discuss the legislature’s programme, adopt new rules, conduct oversight visits, consider statutory...
18 November 2019

The Week Ahead: 2019 Parliament is winding down…

Question Time and Legislation are the main parliamentary business this week. Legislators in the National Assembly chamber will probe the Deputy President and selected Ministers in the Social Services Cluster during their scheduled oral reply question...
11 November 2019

The Week Ahead: Executive Scrutiny, Debates and Legislation

There are four weeks left until Parliament rises for the year. In the remaining days, lawmakers are scheduled to vote on several Bills, approve government spending, scrutinise government performance, consider statutory appointments and instruments and...
04 November 2019

The Week Ahead: Deputy President in the NCOP, debates and question time

The endgame of the parliamentary year is fast approaching. There are only five weeks left before the legislature rises and loose ends are gradually being knitted together. Following last week’s presentation of the Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement...
01 November 2019

2019 MTBPS: Processing of the mini-budget by Parliament

With the much-awaited presentation of the Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) having come and gone, our weekly blog gleans into the role of Parliament in the processing and approval of the mini-budget.  A budget is the most important economic...
31 October 2019

Bills Revived by the Sixth Parliament

There were 39 unfinished Bills when the Fifth Parliament ended. According to National Assembly rule 333 (2), these Bills lapsed automatically when Parliament was dissolved on 7 May 2019. To date, 30 of these have been revived by the Sixth Parliament....
28 October 2019

NHI Bill: Interview with the Health Chair

In August 2019, the NHI Bill was introduced to Parliament and is currently under consideration by the National Assembly’s Portfolio Committee on Health. The Bill is currently going through the stipulated parliamentary processes, including a public...